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Don’t Annoy Your LinkedIn Network with These Ten Things

Don't Annoy Your LinkedIn Network

Don’t annoy your LinkedIn network with these ten things. Pay attention to what NOT to do! Although there are many bad practices, I will only list ten.

First, LinkedIn is NOT a dating app. It is a global professional business platform with over 756 million people. Some people set up fake profiles, so beware. Don’t send inappropriate messages that relate to physical attraction, etc.

If you get an inappropriate message on LinkedIn, you can report it to LinkedIn and also block the individual.

Second, there are bots from third-party vendors that send you spammy messages. Utilizing these third-party apps for “lead generation” violates LinkedIn’s User Agreement, and it may put you in “Linkedin Jail” or get you removed from the platform permanently. 

In contrast to LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator, people use it for “prospecting,” but it is how the messages are crafted that may seem less than personal and more bot-like.

The third no-no that also violates LinkedIn’s user agreement is third-party automation tools that scrape information from profiles. Data extraction is not welcomed, so do not do it.

Fourth are people who pitch. They ask to connect to you, and their following message is “buy my stuff.” These folks violate the “connections before transactions” rule and forget that people do business with people they know, like, and trust.

LinkedIn is about building relationships with other people before there is consideration of doing business. Don’t be salesy.

A typical customer journey is the sales funnel process of prospects going through the following stages: awareness, interest, decision, and action. It is NOT going for the jugular.

Fifth is don’t send irrelevant messages. Make sure you look at someone’s profile to clearly understand what they do.  

Sixth, do not ask people to endorse your skills or write a recommendation if they don’t know you. If they were a former colleague or you worked together in some capacity, that’s one thing. Stranger danger is another. 

Seventh, don’t post negative comments or criticize others. No one likes the curmudgeon.

Eighth, don’t send messages stating, “I see you viewed my profile.” No one wants to be caught being considered a stalker. 

Ninth, don’t add your connections to your email list. Make sure you know what the CAN-SPAM ACT is and the financial consequences for violations.

Tenth, don’t ignore your profile. Make sure you attend to requests to connect and respond to people who send you messages. 

Although there are many more, these are the top ten practices I personally find annoying on LinkedIn. 


Lynne Williams is the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, that provides career education and networking. Lynne also writes for,, and