Career Professional Development Membership for Professional BENG ChemPharma

Unlock Your Career Potential with Career Professional Development & Networking Our Membership

Join career professional development workshops with subject matter experts, & networking for job seekers, employed, self-employed, or consultants.

What Our Members Enjoy Most:
  • Subject Matter Experts: Get weekly insights and practical advice from our knowledgeable experts to help you land your dream job, advance your career, win new clients, and enhance your professional skills at a fast pace.
  • Career Subject Matter Expert Speakers: Find inspiration and conquer any obstacles hindering your career progress with our motivational speakers. 
  • Career Success Group Job Search Accountability & Networking: If you are a job seeker, join these supportive events of like-minded individuals and stay focused on your career goals and success.
  • Thriving Community: Connect with friendly and proactive peers who share your career aspirations and support you every step of the way.
  • Networking Opportunities: Expand your professional network and connect with professionals across various industries and functions.

At our organization, we believe in empowering you with the tools, support, and resources you need to achieve your career aspirations. Join us today and start reaching your career goals!

Please read the application requirements for the BENG & ChemPharma membership.

Contact [email protected] for student discounts with proof of current semester registration.

Note that the 12 items listed at the bottom of the page ARE included for annual memberships.


Try us out!
$ 9
  • Free Speaker Events
  • Career Management Checklist
  • Free Interview Prep


Early to Mid Career
$ 59
  • Free Speaker Events
  • Career Management Checklist
  • Free Interview Prep
  • Career Power Toolkit

BENG | ChemPharma

Senior Executive
$ 69
Yearly After Application & Resume
Submitted & Approved
  • Free Speaker Events
  • Career Management Checklist
  • Free Interview Prep
  • Career Power Toolkit
  • Admission to BENG Meetings
  • Admission to ChemPharma Mtgs

The Annual Professional, BENG, and ChemPharma Memberships will receive a link for
a Career Power Toolkit, noted in the 12 bullets below.

    • Career Management Checklist
    • LinkedIn Accelerator Checklist
    • Resume Accelerator Checklist
    • Job Search Accelerator Activity Trackers
    • Interview Preparation Resources
    • List of Remote Job Links, Articles, & Resources (over 300 links) to Save You Search Times
    • Networking Accelerator Checklist
    • Free Personal Assessment Resources
    • Business Card Optimization Checklist
    • Accomplishment Stories Techniques Guide

    • Salary Comparison Websites – 60 links

    • Discount Codes for Certain Affiliates
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