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Welcome to ChemPharma® Professional Association

ChemPharma Professional Association

The ChemPharma® Professional Association brings high-caliber business and technical professionals from the chemical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, life sciences, and allied industries together to foster career and personal success through sharing information and building relationships. 

ChemPharma®  Mission

We are committed to fostering career and personal success through educational programs, information sharing, relationship building, mentoring, and networking.

Who Are ChemPharma® Members?

ChemPharma®  members include those in career transition, employed professionals, self-employed entrepreneurs, consultants, and business owners.

Their unifying element is that members believe that networking is a crucial asset in furthering their professional goals and advancing their careers.

For Those in Transition

ChemPharma® provides career development and networking, access to tools to accelerate a job search, support, and guidance. 

For Currently Employed Individuals

Members can benefit from career professional development and networking to accelerate their job search and engage in career management. Through networking, companies can benefit from identifying highly qualified candidates and assisting others in their job search.

For the Self-employed and Business Owners

Members can benefit from career professional development and networking for potential staff, partnerships, or clients, and an ability to help others achieve their career and other life goals.

Attend a ChemPharma® Monthly Meeting

ChemPharma® meets monthly, and registration will be on the events page. The next event is on August 15th on How Professionals Can Escape the Corporate Environment.

Leverage Your Network with Members

Follow the ChemPharma LinkedIn company page and join the ChemPharma LinkedIn Group. Reaching out to others has never been easier.

ChemPharma®  History 

It was October 21, 1999, when the birth of an idea to bring chemical and pharmaceutical professionals together to network for mutual success was born. What started as an idea among Jon Burgess, Paul Veneskey, and others, resulted in nine people gathering at the offices of Drake Beam Morin in Parsippany, NJ. That meeting was the birth of the ChemPharma® Professional Association. Responding to the challenges in the job market, the ChemPharma® founders built an organization out of a vision of cooperation. They saw a need for chemical and pharmaceutical professionals to band together to help one another with their job searches. Networking was considered essential to career success.

ChemPharma® members share job leads, industry connections, coaching, interview skills, and business advice. Opportunities for members to meet, network, and exchange ideas may include in-person and virtual meetings, socials, and leading subject matter expert speakers.

The ChemPharma® Professional Association chapter aims to develop relationships that enable its members to network for success. ChemPharma® members are committed to helping one another in their career advancement. The process of “paying it forward” and helping others often results in some of the best career opportunities. In addition to helping members find career opportunities, members help each other with business process advice and assistance.

In July 2023, ChemPharma® aligned with the Philadelphia Great Careers Groups (the legal nonprofit name of the Great Careers Groups) and is now a special interest group (SIG) as part of the larger combined group offering members even more benefits.

What Should I Have Available for a ChemPharma® meeting?

  • One-Pager (see FAQ page for example)
  • Resume or CV 
  • LinkedIn URL
  • If you represent a business, share a link to your website

What is a Typical ChemPharma® Meeting Format?

The monthly ChemPharma® meetings are structured to offer the maximum networking benefit and are currently held virtually on Zoom.

Who Can I Contact if I Have Questions Joining ChemPharma®?

Contact [email protected] 

Does ChemPharma® Replace All Other Networking Groups?

No. No one group can do everything. ChemPharma® is one of many groups in which you should participate. ChemPharma® provides networking opportunities and resources.

How Can I Best Help Others in the Group?

You already took the best first step in helping others by asking how to help.

Really listen to others when they introduce themselves.

Look over their contact list and think of matches you may have for them.

Follow up after the meeting with people you met through phone calls or emails. Add them to your LinkedIn contacts. Add them to your email lists.

Stay in touch with others by whatever means is convenient.

When you meet someone new, ask yourself: Is there anyone else who would benefit from this new contact? Then make the introduction.