Welcome to Business Executives Networking Group (BENG)

Welcome to BENG

BENG is the Business Executives Networking Group

BENG Mission

BENG provides mid-to senior-level professionals with a platform to enhance their networking activities and career growth. At our core, it is about “Members Helping Members.”  

Who Are BENG Members?

BENG members include those in career transition, employed professionals, and self-employed entrepreneurs, and business owners.

Members work in a variety of industries, including financial services, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, health care, architecture, construction, software, and others.

Their roles are multi-disciplined and include CEOs, CFOs, COOs, and other members of the C-suite; senior leaders at company locations; those reporting directly to senior leaders, mid-level managers and non-management senior business professionals with over ten years of business experience. Disciplines include executives in general management, finance, operations, marketing, engineering, sales professionals, and other disciplines specific to industries.

Their unifying element is that members believe that networking is a crucial asset in furthering their professional goals and advancing in their careers.

For Those in Transition

BENG provides employment information, access to tools to accelerate your job search, support, and guidance. 

For Currently Employed Individuals

Benefits include access to employment opportunities and tools for accelerating a job search and for career management. There also is the opportunity to help companies identify highly qualified candidates and to assist others in their job search.

For the Self-employed and Business Owners

Benefits include potential staff, partnerships or clients, and an ability to help others achieve their career and other life goals.

Attend One or More BENG Chapters Meetings Monthly

BENG Chapters meet monthly with peers in mid to senior-level management positions. Every member has a local chapter that meets in close proximity to them. Of course, members are encouraged to attend as many events and meetings from neighboring chapters as they like.

Leverage Your Network with Members

Join the BENG LinkedIn Group. Reaching out to others has never been easier.

BENG History 

BENG – the Business Executives Networking Group – dates back to the spring of 2003 when Peter Frost began holding bi-weekly breakfast meetings with other FENG (Financial Executive Networking Group) members while awaiting their FENG chapter application approval. While waiting, they named the group CPENG for Central Pennsylvania Executive Networking Group and, unlike FENG, included members from all management disciplines. 

Tony DiGirolamo, a Committee Chair for the Central PA Chapter of Financial Executives International (FEI), joined Peter in September 2003 as a Co-Chair. In December 2003, the group received FENG’s authorization to start their chapter and the joint monthly meetings, and the CPENG/FEI/FENG was born.

In 2006, Tony Peluso joined the leadership team and developed the group’s first website. By 2007, CPENG had grown in size and sophistication. Members were surveyed for their input on the future of the organization. A member management and database website was built, and on March 11, 2009, the BENG (Business Executives Networking Group) was born.

Today BENG has 10 Chapters in 4 States with over 1800 alumni and current members.

In May 2020, BENG aligned with the Philadelphia Great Careers Groups and is now a brand of membership as part of the larger combined group.

What Should I Have Available for a BENG meeting?

One-Pager (see FAQ page for example)

Resume or CV 

LinkedIn URL

If you represent a business, share a link to your website

What is a Typical BENG Meeting Format?

The monthly BENG meetings are structured to offer the maximum networking benefit and are currently held virtually on Zoom

Held monthly and will run one, one and a half, or two hours, depending on the chapter

Offer each attendee 2 to 4 minutes to introduce themselves, talk about their background and expertise, and present their target companies or clients and networking needs 

Job seekers are introduced first, followed by employed members, and self-employed/business owner members 

Some meetings feature an outside presenter on a topic important to the group

How Can I Best Take Advantage of the BENG Meetings?

Arrive on time.

As others introduce themselves, review their list of target companies. Indicate when you have a contact that might be of value to the individual.

During your introduction, summarize your background and areas of expertise (often referred to as your ‘elevator pitch’). Keep your elevator pitch from 30 to 60 seconds. 

Include your target companies for which you are seeking introductions and the type of contacts you need at these companies.

If someone has a contact for you, reach out to get that contact after or later in the meeting.

Write down any contacts you are given. Make notes of what you offer to provide to others; fulfill your commitment as soon as possible.

How Can I Volunteer to Help Within the BENG Organization?

“Putting others first” and “members helping members” are the foundation of BENG’s success. Whether you view it as good karma, payback for the benefits you have received, or just want to be part of the greater good, we welcome you to take a more active role.

If you are willing to provide up to 4 hours per month of volunteering to help maintain the BENG organization, we thank you. Please contact us for more information on what roles are currently needed by emailing [email protected]

How Can I Open a New BENG Chapter in My Hometown?

BENG has been expanding steadily over the last ten years. We welcome the opportunity to open new Chapters around the country led by individuals committed to our mission. If you would like to learn more about what is involved in opening and running a BENG Chapter, please contact [email protected] 

Who Can I Contact if I Have Questions Joining BENG?

First, fill out a membership application at Follow up with the submission of your resume noting you have completed the membership application. Wait for approval before paying the annual membership fee. For questions, contact: [email protected].

Does BENG Replace All Other Networking Groups?

No. No one group cannot do everything. BENG is one of many groups in which you should participate. BENG provides a unique set of networking opportunities and resources.

How Can I Best Help Others in the Group?

You already took the best first step in helping others by asking how to help.

Really listen to others when they introduce themselves.

Look over their contact list and think of matches you may have for them.

Follow up after the meeting with people you met through phone calls or emails. Add them to your LinkedIn contacts. Add them to your email lists.

Stay in touch with others by whatever means is convenient.

When you meet someone new, ask yourself: Is there anyone else who would benefit from this new contact? Then make the introduction