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How many recommendations do you need on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn Recommendations

Zero is NOT the correct answer to “How many recommendations should you have on LinkedIn?” If you are a jobseeker, hiring managers might set their own minimum thresholds of the “right” number. 

If you are a small business owner or entrepreneur, hopefully you have some “testimonials” or recommendations from previous satisfied clients. 

If you are employed, make sure you get written validation from your supervisor or colleagues while you are “in between transitions”. One never knows when a reorg or downsizing might happen, so … MANAGE YOUR CAREER and keep all your career documents up to date. If you are a supervisor, why not show some gratitude to the people who work for you and make you look good. Take the time to show your appreciation. 

If you know of someone who volunteers with you or for a cause that is meaningful to you, give a shout out via a recommendation, instead of sending them a thank you in an email or inmail. That way it’s public for others to see. 

You must be a 1st level connection with someone in order to give or receive a recommendation. When you write, try to make the opening line have a little pizzazz to make it interesting for the reader. 

You cannot reorder the recommendations in order of importance to you as they are listed in chronological order. The section is at the bottom of one’s LinkedIn profile, which cannot be moved either. 

If you want a recommendation from someone, you might offer to draft the verbiage and tell them to tweak as they see fit. This allows you to highlight the points you want to be included. 

Not everyone knows LinkedIn well enough to navigate the recommendations section, so you can even share these HOW TO links as follows:

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Here’s hoping YOU, the reader, become the writer to make someone’s day! #gratitude