How many skills and endorsements do you need?

LinkedIn Skills & Endorsements

Industry Knowledge, Tools & Technologies, Interpersonal Skills, Languages, or Other Skills are the categories for Skills and Endorsements on LinkedIn, in addition to your top 3 skills. 

The maximum number of skills you can have is 50, so should you have 50? 

Well … it depends on your strategy.  

If you request that people endorse you for skills and you have fewer than 50 skills, you might reach the 99+ category of endorsements for each skill faster.

However, if you want to include as many of your keywords as possible, then you will want to take advantage of having the 50 that you are allowed, as skills can strengthen your profile

Just make sure you pin your top three skills at the top by clicking the pin on or off.

Here are Linkedin’s instructions to add and remove skills on your profile.

If you were not aware, you can reorder your skills by simply dragging and dropping. Just make sure you click SAVE before you close the window. 

The only way people can endorse you for your skills or you endorse them is to be first level connections. Note that you can manage your settings for receiving or giving endorsements also. 

If, for some reason, you wanted to hide (or unhide) a skill endorsement, you can do that too.

Something new to endorsements is the level of how qualified the person is – good, very good, highly skilled and whether you worked directly or indirectly with that individual. Although LinkedIn would like you to get specific, you don’t have to. 

Here’s to wishing you many “thumbs up” endorsements from your first level connections, whether it is reciprocating from your endorsing them or them just wanting to give you kudos! 

Remember it is better to give than to receive … well maybe not when it’s your own profile! It’s always better to receive!


Originally published at Vista.Today