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Career Explorer on Github Can Help With Keywords on LinkedIn

Career Explorer will provide some AI tools for finding your keywords!

The Career Explorer platform on Github matches your skills to various job titles. LinkedIn has been beta testing these career paths on this platform since the fall of 2020.

The skills are keywords, which you can find in LinkedIn’s database. You can access the Career Explorer platform here.

Enter the city of the closest metropolitan area to you. Then enter a title of a job and it will provide the following information:

  • skills for the position
  • suggested titles of other jobs that match the job title you entered
  • skills overlap between the title you entered and the suggested titles through the use of LinkedIn’s Skills Genome
  • skills to build
  • the popularity of that type of position 
  • percentage match 

You can sort this information from:

  • similarity score (low to high)
  • similarity score (high to low)
  • popularity (low to high)
  • popularity (high to low)

So what is GitHub? It’s “where the world builds software” and where the Career Explorer platform is being beta tested before it winds up on LinkedIn’s site. 

Launched in 2008, it is a repository that supports the hosting of open source code, but not everything on the platform is open source. Career Explorer is one of the millions of repositories on the site. 

In case you missed it, Career Explorer was mentioned in a previous article as a way to find keywords.

However, the Career Explorer topic was presented by Catherine McLean and I want to credit her for the inspiration for this article, where I am providing more details about the platform than I did previously. 

Note that you can look up the popularity of the keywords in job searches using another technique noted in this article

If you want to get found on LinkedIn, make sure you are utilizing keywords to optimize your LinkedIn profile.



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