Keywords: How to Look Up as a Layman

Keywords How to Look Up as a Layman

Look up KEYWORDS for social media as a layman using several techniques

Look up keywords for social media and LinkedIn as a layman. There are many ways you can check to find keywords, whether you are employed, self-employed, unemployed, a veteran, or a student.

There are numerous ways to analyze keywords for your resume, LinkedIn profile, website, blog, social media posts, etc. Let’s review more tools!

In the previous article, I mentioned using the Jobs tab on the LinkedIn profile to look up keywords, as well as Google Trends

Below, we will explore some other ways, including using some keyword analyzers, such as the following (though there are many more):

Google AdWords



Moz Keyword Explorer






WordCloud Generators

Another way is to use the LinkedIn Resume Builder feature. When you are viewing your profile, click the MORE button, and BUILD A RESUME. Click on NEW RESUME (based on your LinkedIn profile) and enter your target job title. Click APPLY, and you will see the keyword check in the Resume Insights on the right-hand column, and it should also suggest some keywords for you. 

The LinkedIn Career Explorer tool is another way. You can enter a job, and it lists the skills needed for the job. Also, it lists the skill overlap, skills to build, popularity, and more.  

Now you have even more ways to check your keywords, and you can compare and contrast your findings, so spruce up your profile to optimize for 2021!

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