Great Careers Groups Career,Career Management,Career Transition,Entrepreneur,Self-employed,Small Business Are You Keeping Tabs on 2021 LinkedIn Innovations? Part 2

Are You Keeping Tabs on 2021 LinkedIn Innovations? Part 2

Are You Keeping Tabs on 2021 LinkedIn Innovations Part 2

2021 LinkedIn Innovations Keep Getting Better and Better

Booyah! Have you seen these 2021 LinkedIn innovations? Winner winner chicken dinner with a LinkedIn dessert!

More sweet 2021 LinkedIn innovations for business owners and individuals are here or are coming your way. 

LinkedIn Learning Hub 

In 2015, LinkedIn purchased to boost its commitment to education, professional development, and intelligent skill-building. Making an investment in professional development for employees will yield better business results. 

Now in beta mode, LinkedIn is rolling out Learning Hub as a premium service for businesses, and it is free until July 2022 for Learning Pro users. Upskilling and reskilling are essential today for companies, and this Learning Hub platform can also provide you with data and insights. 

For the latest on the United States Workforce, read this October 2021 report from LinkedIn. It includes hiring and migration trends and industry data in major metropolitan areas, including my turf in Philadelphia. 

Write articles on your company page

If you have set up your own company page as the super admin or have an assigned content admin, the author can write and publish an article from your company page. Here is a step-by-step to accomplish that.

  1. From your company page under start a post, click on write an article 
  2. Add a cover image that is 2000 x 600 pixels and add the credit or caption, as appropriate
  3. Type your headline (review this blog for headline tips)
  4. Copy and paste your article from a Google or Word doc, as it probably has already been “reviewed” for grammar, spelling, and punctuation (and the use of Grammarly is good too!)
  5. Just like on your personal LinkedIn page, you can embed images, links, slides, snippets, or videos in the article
  6. Add some hashtags and then publish
  7. If you want to share your article with your personal network, then you can do so by clicking on the share button 

Audio Feature for Creators (Clubhouse-style)

LinkedIn announced that it would be testing a Clubhouse-like audio app, currently in test mode, to support creators on the platform. They have invested $25M for a Creator Accelerator Program to add more value by bolstering professional development opportunities for its users. For more details, read the TechCrunch article linked above.  

Paid Ticketed Events

As another golden opportunity for creators, LinkedIn is now testing paid events, after over 21M people attended a LinkedIn event in 2020, as noted by TechCrunch (article linked above). People have been connecting online to start and build relationships with individuals not meeting in person, and so many working from home due to the Pandemic. They have been attending virtual events and conferences, so this is a natural progression. For other updates on LinkedIn Live and Events, read the recent updates on LinkedIn’s FAQs

More Features

Some other features that rolled out in 2021 are listed in New LinkedIn Features – Have You Heard About Them? The featured updates in that article include Instant Video Meetings, Creator Mode, Cover Story, and the Featured Section was released a year ago but is important to use.

More features rolled out in 2021 are listed in the blog, Are You Keeping Tabs on 2021 LinkedIn Innovations Part 1. The updates in that article include Dark and Light Mode, Workplace Choices, Increase of Character Limits on Posts, Personal Demographic Data Collection, and Deceased LinkedIn Member.

There are some pretty exciting things here! Stay tuned for rollouts from test mode to all of us Linktonians!

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