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How Do You Find Someone’s Email Address That is Not on LinkedIn?

How do you find someone's email address that is not on LinkedIn

If not listed on LinkedIn, how do you find someone's email address?

So, how do you go about finding someone’s email address?

It’s perplexing to me why some people do not include their email and phone on their LinkedIn profile. 

Shouldn’t it be easy to contact someone for a job or to do business with them?

If it’s not listed on LinkedIn, you may need to know how to find someone’s email so you can contact them. 

So, where should you have your email address on display? One place is under the Contact Info section. Many people also include it at the bottom of their About section. 

If you look at my profile (link in BIO below), you will see that I add the email between the less than <<<  and greater than >>> signs. 

Why do I do that? Some people on LinkedIn violate the user agreement, and they are using a third-party app to scan profiles. So, my hunch is that this technique is one that attempts to hack any hackers. 

Here are another couple of email tips for LinkedIn. 

On LinkedIn, I logon with one email and have another one visible on my profile. Although I could do two-factor authentication, using this system of two emails has so far worked for me.

Here’s the final email suggestion you should implement on your profile. Make sure you have more than one email address on your account in case you get hacked. You will thank me for the time it will save you if this ever happens. 

First, click on the round ME at the top and then click on Settings and Privacy. Next, click on Sign in and security on the left and then Email addresses on the right. Add at least a secondary email address to your account. 

If someone has not listed their email on their LinkedIn profile, or if you need to verify someone’s email address, you can try these suggestions below.

On another note, many people feel they are going to get spam calls or lose their privacy by publishing their phone number. If that’s the case, get a Google voice number. You can publish this public-facing number on a website, especially for your virtual WFH business. The Google voice calls can be forwarded to another phone, like your cell.

Make it easy for people to contact you!

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