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LinkedIn Engagement Pods – What They Are & How They Work

LinkedIn Engagement Pods

Are you hoping to beat the LinkedIn algorithm? Maybe you need some help to get your posts to gain more views. Maybe LinkedIn engagement pods are worth considering … or maybe not. 

Perhaps you don’t even know what an engagement pod is. It’s a group of LinkedIn users in a private group who agree to the group’s rules to like, comment, or share each other’s posts so they get more traction on the platform. 

Most people want to grow their professional networks if they are active LinkedIn users and they want their articles and posts to get lots of views, but they may get stymied by the algorithm. So, these engagement pod groups exist and they communicate through using a certain # hashtag on LinkedIn. 

There are even some LinkedIn users who collaborate outside of LinkedIn, such as in Facebook groups, and they share their LinkedIn posts there hoping people will engage back on LinkedIn. 

You can read more details about the pros and cons of pods from this article or guide or just Google the keywords to learn more.  

Note that if you are a small business and get your employees on board, they can help share your company’s content via a pod. However, pod themes can go beyond a company. They might be related to an industry, a customer, a role (CEOs, CMOs, etc.), shared interest, or quality.

Warning! Prepare for constant pings on your phone based on the activity of the group members, especially if they are in different parts of the world in different time zones. They can be disruptive to your productivity, so you need to weigh the benefits.

Nonetheless, you may learn and grow from others, as well as get more engagement on your posts. 



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