Great Careers Groups Entrepreneur,Self-employed How to Promote Your Side Hustle, Side Gig, or Freelance Work on LinkedIn

How to Promote Your Side Hustle, Side Gig, or Freelance Work on LinkedIn

Promote Your Side Hustle Side Gig or Freelance Wok on LinkedIn

How do you promote your side hustle, side gig, or freelance work on LinkedIn? Optimize your profile with keywords!

Think like Google. What keywords would people type in to find the product you sell or service you provide at your side hustle, side gig, or freelance work? Do you have a company page on LinkedIn to promote yourself?

Many folks may want to give themselves a title like Owner or President or CEO of ABC Company, but is that the best thing to do? 

If someone does not yet know you or know your company, would they enter your company name in a Google search? Of course not! They would enter the keywords of what they are seeking. 

What if you were seeking a Brand Messaging Strategist? On Google, I searched and got 1.7M results.

When I entered that title on LinkedIn, I got 68,000 results for people. When I clicked on 1st and 2nd level connections, I got 8.8K people, and when I clicked on 1st level, I got 108 people. 

When I did a Boolean search (read this and that) on LinkedIn using quotation marks around “Brand Messaging Strategist” for 1st level connections, I got one person in my network – Loren Weisman. You might want to follow him on social media

Why am I singling out this guy? He recently spoke at our group and shared so many great ideas that the lightbulbs are exploding in my head, and I have to share a link with you. 

Check out the Interview Information Lead Sheet. Could you develop one of these for your business? Could you put this on your website? Could you create a LinkedIn document, Google slide presentation, PowerPoint, Word document, or Google doc with this info and put it on your LinkedIn profile as a media attachment? Yes, you could to showcase your features and benefits. 

Are you a speaker? Check out the content that Loren shared as part of his speaker BIO. Very impressive. Need to put a hashtag list together for yourself? Check out meta hashtags!


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