How to Create Snazzy Images for LinkedIn & Social Media

How to Create Snazzy Images for LinkedIn & Social Media

Need some resources to create snazzy images for
LinkedIn & social media?

Need to create some snazzy images? If you are on social media, the answer is YES!

Whether you are an unemployed or employed individual or an entrepreneur, it’s great to have resources to create snazzy images when planning your content creation on LinkedIn or other social media platforms. 

Even better is when the resources are free or low-cost, and easy to use. 

I have used “Over” for making graphics in the past and it’s now called GoDaddy Studio since GoDaddy bought “Over” in July 2021. Also, I have never used Snappa to create graphics, but I know it exists. Pikotochart I have tried a few times, but I now use Canva Pro daily. 

Did you know that Canva Pro is free for 501(c)3 nonprofits like the Great Careers Groups, and you can have 10 team members? 

If you need a word cloud, there are several word cloud generators noted in the article How to Make a Word Cloud for LinkedIn and step-by-step instructions.

Although I typically use the images in Canva, there are many other sites listed below where you can get pictures or images. Ensure you are not violating any copyright laws when you use images created by others. put out a handy list of social media image sizes for 2022, so you know the image size to make for each platform.

Socially Sorted wrote a Beginner’s Guide to Creating Images for Social Media, an excellent resource for those starting out creating images.

Have fun creating! If you don’t know where to begin, join us at an upcoming event or participate in the Canva Design School to learn more. 


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