How to Make Carousels on LinkedIn

How to Make Carousels on LinkedIn

Carousel Posts Are Trending on LinkedIn

Carousels include multiple images that users can swipe through and they are trending on LinkedIn. 

Want to know how to make Carousels and post them?

Although the focus of this article will be on LinkedIn carousels, let’s start with some background info.  

Carousels are visually appealing, and they can be posted on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and LinkedIn. 

Instagram allows a maximum of 10 slides, but usually, 3 to 5 are a good number, depending on whether you are trying to build brand awareness, create consideration, or conversions for an ad. You can add a video to a carousel slide on many platforms, but Linkedin only allows static images.

You can create a call to action for carousel ads and ask your audience to click, swipe, subscribe, learn more, shop now, download, etc. Read LinkedIn’s Marketing Solutions article for ideas for carousel ads. 

For carousel posts, here are several ideas: create a “how-to” to explain a process, or tell a story, create a showcase, display products, show multiple features, share event details, share stats or numbers, infographics, trends, insights, team photos, company culture, a personal share, career advice, knowledge sharing, or use your creativity and imagination and come up with your version or purpose. 

Typically, the text is enticing and minimal, minding the philosophy of “less is more.” These posts drive engagement through interactivity. LinkedIn likes that you stay on the platform longer while viewers scroll through your carousel to see the eye-catching graphics and scan the short copy. 

On LinkedIn, you can upload a PPT, PPTX, DOC, DOCX, or PDF, which you can make from PowerPoint, Word, Photoshop, or my favorite, Canva. Here is a carousel about Preferred Carousel Dimensions and another about How to Do a Carousel/Slider

Grab the attention of your audience using AIDA – attention, interest, desire, and action. The first slide needs to draw attention, so there is interest in viewing the rest.

Here are some examples made by my colleagues on the Thought Leadership Branding Club on Clubhouse:

Workplace Wellness & Burnout carousel posts by Sumana (Fathima) Jeddy

LinkedIn carousel posts by Ilia Francis

LinkedIn Rockstars, Tips, Events, and more carousel posts by Brenda Meller

Personal Branding carousel posts by Michelle Griffin

Thought Leadership carousel posts by Bobby Umar

LinkedIn for Hospitality Professionals carousel posts by Leanne Calderwood

Once you have created your carousel, you can post it on LinkedIn on your home page, in a group, or on your company page. Follow these steps (for your home page):

  1. Click on start a post
  2. Click the document icon
  3. Select the document you want to post from your computer
  4. Add a title to your document
  5. Add a description to your post
  6. Add 3 – 9 relevant hashtags and @ mention someone if appropriate
  7. Click post

It’s a beautiful medium, so have fun and get creative! 


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