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Social Audio – More would have heard “I have a dream”

Social Audio

What if MLK had social audio for “I have a dream”?

If MLK had the social audio technology in 1963 that we have today, he would have reached so many more people than those who heard him from the steps of the Lincoln Memorial. 

Listeners would be tapping on their clapping hands’ emoji from their smartphone’s social audio apps and would have heard the power and passion of his voice during this iconic speech.  

What’s social audio, you ask? It is a voice-based social experience whether you record a story, jump into an online room to learn or discuss a trending topic, clip a soundbite, listen to a podcast, or record a voice message for someone. In other words, it’s an audio experience integrated into social media.

Social audio is exploding and growing exponentially, with celebrities, influencers, brands, content creators, and regular people participating on various platforms. 

Social audio provides the essence of your voice, which is far more powerful than a text message. People don’t have to get dressed up, shave, or have their hair and makeup done because they don’t have to be seen. You can participate by listening while walking, folding laundry, emptying the dishwasher, cooking, and more. 

People engage in networking, build their businesses by sharing their expertise, find experts, make new domestic and global friends, and so much more, and there are many platforms to engage. It’s a great way to build relationships for the know, like, trust.

Selected Social Audio Platforms



Discord Stages

Facebook Live Audio Rooms 




Slack Huddles

Spotify Greenroom


Twitter Spaces

and the list goes on and on, so keyword search for social audio in your app or Google Play store!

LinkedIn Just Released Audio Events

Here’s the exciting news! LinkedIn just came out with a beta test for live audio events that people can access on their desktop or phone. Jake Poses, Director of Product (Video, Creators, Events), announced the news in a LinkedIn post. 

Beware that you may need to delete the current LinkedIn app on your phone and reinstall with the latest version to access the LinkedIn audio events.

When asked about being one of the first beta testers, Kamalika Poddar shared that “It is really exciting to be a part of the first batch of LinkedIn’s audio room feature. Apart from obviously trying out the shiny new toy, I’m extremely grateful to the community because I’ve already found myself a bunch of like-minded LinkedIn power user professionals. The networking opportunity there is just immense. Because otherwise, I’m pretty sure we would not have had the opportunity to meet each other!”

Want to join Kamalika’s first LinkedIn Audio Live event on “The Power of Storytelling in Your Content” in the Thought Leadership Branding Club? It’s on Fri, Jan 14, 2022, from 10-10:45 AM ET.

Kamalika’s guests are Ilia Francis, Heather Epstein, and Bobby Umar, the Thought Leadership Branding Club founder.

Bobby Umar shared his thoughts, noting, “Clubhouse, Twitter Spaces, and now LinkedIn Audio are a great place to invest and build your brand, curate a community, create content that you can re-purpose, and make deeper, stronger connections. Social Audio is the new ‘Stories,’ and the power of both democratized podcasts and leveraging the authentic audible voice is truly a game-changer. That’s why the Thought Leadership Branding club is investing to help thousands of professionals share their diverse expertise with the world, support our lead moderator community, and grow our businesses together.”

If you want to experience other LinkedIn audio live events by other beta testers, here are a couple more that are coming up this month:

Fri Jan 14th – 28th List from LinkedIn for Creators

Fri Jan 14th 8:30-9:30 AM ET LinkedIn Radio

Mon Jan 17th 12-12:20 PM ET LinkedIn Audio Event Mini-Test 

Want to read more details from LinkedIn’s knowledge base articles?

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LinkedIn AudioEvents: Tips and Guidelines

Want more info on MLK?

Martin Luther King’s LinkedIn Profile & MLK Day Activities that has a link to his speech? 

Many MLK Day activities for 2022 are listed on the site. 


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