Great Careers Groups Career Management,Career Transition,Entrepreneur,Self-employed Remember Your “Linkie” Friends in Times of Uncertainty

Remember Your “Linkie” Friends in Times of Uncertainty

Remember Your Linkie Friends in Times of Uncertainty

Feeling macro and micro scared with fear of the unknown? Now is a time to build and grow your LinkedIn network and reach out to your “Linkie Friends”! They are your peeps, virtually speaking, of course. 


Are you micro scared?

Let’s start with you and your immediate family. Have you lost your job as one of the over 6 million who has filed for unemployment? Have you lost your ability to earn an income as a business owner? 

You are certainly not alone. I am right there with you as a solopreneur. 

You would think the resume and LinkedIn profile writing business might be booming. Still, people need to buy food and pay for their living expenses, which is their biggest priority.

I have noticed that the posts on LinkedIn have certainly taken on a different flavor in the past three weeks. People are definitely trying to get more creative to garner attention. 

So, if you are not on LinkedIn, now is a really good time to start your profile. 

If you are not active on LinkedIn, now is a perfect time to get active and connect with your colleagues and classmates from days gone by, as well reach out to strangers. Why not? What have you got to lose? 

Have you researched the demographics on LinkedIn? Check out the LinkedIn statistics on Expanded Ramblings, Hootsuite, as well as LinkedIn’s own page. The numbers are staggering! 

People are still landing jobs. There are a lot of remote jobs available, and there are a lot of virtual interviews happening. There is a list updated almost daily with currently over 250 links for remote job resources

If you are rusty on your interviewing skills, check out the link on our Instagram page for March Forward Tip #10. There is a free video recording platform to practice virtual interviewing.


Are you macro scared?

Are you a first responder EMT or firefighter responding to the needs of your community that has lots and lots of needs right now? I volunteer as a business and financial management board member of a local fire company, There are budget deficits, and these folks are there for you 24/7/365 but are underfunded. Please donate to your local fire company – money and PPE, etc.

Are you a doctor, nurse, or healthcare worker on the front lines? Please take care of them – food delivery and PPE, etc.

Are you a business owner with many employees who have families? Want to help them retool their career? Send them to the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group. There are virtual meetings and/or workshops daily, and we are going to celebrate our 10th anniversary on Tuesday, April 7th. Also, we have more than doubled our membership in less than 5 years to now pushing 4500 members. 

Are you financially secure and want to help people and/or veterans who have lost their jobs with a tax-deductible donation to a 501(c)3 charitable nonprofit? Scholarship sponsorships are only $35 per year per person. But, any nonprofit organization could use your help now if you have the means.

The macro is the big picture, humanity, the world. What can you do to make a difference and change a life or change lives?


Post on LinkedIn

You can share this article, your own message, mission, cause, need, etc. on LinkedIn. Be active. The algorithm will reward you for it. Stay safe! 


P.S. Please excuse our current website issues. We ARE working on it as are many people affected by recent WordPress upgrades! We are not alone!


Lynne Williams. Ed.D. Candidate is the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group, a 501(c)3 nonprofit of almost 4500 members providing career education and networking. Contact Lynne by phone at 484-393-2951, email at [email protected], on social media @GreatCareersPHL and #GreatCareersPHL and connect on LinkedIn at

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