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How to Improve Your “Report Card Grade” on LinkedIn

How to improve your LinkedIn report card grade

Were you aware that you could get a “report card grade” for your LinkedIn profile? If not, now you know! If so, were you aware you could improve your grade?

LinkedIn calls this “report card” your SSI score, or Social Selling Index. When you get your SSI score, here’s what it looks like and the score will be unique to you. Your industry and network rank are also included, so you get those metrics also.

There are four categories that are measured on your SSI:

  • Establish your professional brand
  • Find the right people
  • Engage with insights
  • Build relationships

When you click on any of the blue hyperlinks above the bars, LinkedIn will give you suggestions on how you can improve your score in each area to reach a total of 25.

In addition, when you are on your LinkedIn profile, look at your dashboard and note your numbers. Someone just starting out with a new LinkedIn profile may have very few views. Also, they may not have written any articles and may not have any activity if they have not liked, shared, or commented on posts.

Active users may have bigger numbers on their dashboard, but these are all individualized. Someone who is a W-2 employee and doing their job during working hours may not have as high a number of views as someone who is constantly sharing content (in my case, events … over 400 a year).

Note the difference on the two dashboard images – there are article views on one and post views on another. One has no label while the other is classified as an All Star.

CLICK HERE to get your SSI score, which updates daily.

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This article was originally published on Vista Today