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Clean Up Your LinkedIn URL Gobbledygook in 30 Seconds

Customize Your Linkedin URL

Gobbledygook? Misguided? Uninformed? Wrong assumption? This is something I see daily on LinkedIn profiles. Customize your URL.

As you can see from the image this week, I made a trip to LinkedIn in New York City and had an opportunity to present LinkedIn at LinkedIn to a group of veterans.

The ladies and gentlemen that served our country are getting ready to transition their careers from the military or are about to graduate with an undergraduate or graduate degree and they are seeking civilian jobs. In reviewing some of their LinkedIn profiles and looking at many LinkedIn profiles daily, it’s surprising that not everyone knows they can customize their LinkedIn URL.

Did you know it takes less than 30 seconds to fix? It’s a one and done forever … unless you made a misguided decision to brand with a company name or you changed names through marriage, adoption, or other reason.

When you initially set up your LinkedIn profile, you will get a URL that might look something like this:

If you customize your URL to get rid of the gobbledygook (barring it has not already been taken), it could look something like one of these made up examples below:

If you are a solopreneur or small business owner, maybe you think you should brand your company name or Twitter handle as part of your LinkedIn URL, instead of using your first and last name in some way like in the examples above. Let’s think about that logically. Like many platforms, Linkedin is a database, which is an organized set of data that is structured.

In chatting with a Chester County database and SalesForce expert, Bill Apostolacus, he shared that there are fields in a database. You enter first names, last names, phone numbers, email addresses, etc. into those fields labeled as such.

If one applies this logic to LinkedIn, people search for other people on LinkedIn by typing their first and last name. People might also try to search based on the LinkedIn URL as they try to guess it logically. Hence, my URL is logical with my first and last name –

Colleagues who have chosen their LinkedIn URL with their business name or handle (like the made-up examples below), may want to rethink this. Personally, I would never think of typing anything but a first and last name.

Click here for the instructions that will take you less than 30 seconds to customize your LinkedIn URL so you can print it on business cards, resumes, brochures, etc.



Lynne M. Williams is the Executive Director of the Great Careers Groups, a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides career development and networking connections for 1) job seekers in career transition, including veterans, and 2) employed and self-employed for career management.

Aside from writing keyword-focused content for ATS resumes and LinkedIn™ profiles, Lynne is writing her doctoral dissertation on LinkedIn™ for Job Seekers. She is a contributing author on “Applying to Positions” in Find Your Fit: A Practical Guide to Landing the Job You Love, along with the late Dick Bolles, the author of What Color is Your Parachute?, and is also a speaker on career topics.