Great Careers Groups Career,Career Management,Career Transition,Entrepreneur,Self-employed,Small Business Have questions about Clubhouse? Here are 17 answers to get you started!

Have questions about Clubhouse? Here are 17 answers to get you started!

Questions About Clubhouse

Do you have questions about Clubhouse so you can get started on the app?

Do you have questions about Clubhouse? Here is an overview of Clubhouse, a phone app that is taking social media by storm. To get you started, here are 17 questions answered about Clubhouse.

On Clubhouse, a user can drop into a virtual club to listen or join in on a conversation about a topic of their choice. The conversations are live, and users can also tweet during the conversation using #hashtags to join in on the conversation. 

It is a great way to engage with like-minded people that share your interests, hobbies, or as a recruiter for job opportunities, and a whole lot more. There are over 600,000 rooms happening on a daily basis from around the world.

Because there are many rooms available on any given topic, you can drop into one room at a time that best fits your niche and join in on the conversation.

It’s a great way to learn and meet new people! Also, it can be used for entertainment or even education purposes too. 

Many rooms are hosted by folks who have outside knowledge on specific topics that they will use to educate whoever is interested or participating. It’s interactive and fun with lots of personalities from different walks of life. Below are some basic questions and answers to learn more. 

What is Clubhouse?

A social network audio app for your iPhone or Android

When was Clubhouse created?

April 2020

How can you participate on Clubhouse?

You can run a club, be a moderator, be a speaker, or just listen in.

Where do the people come from on Clubhouse?


Does Clubhouse have a website?

Does Clubhouse have other social media?

Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn 

Does Clubhouse have rules?

They have Guidelines

Does Clubhouse have a User Guide?

Review the New User Guide to learn about how to search, calendar, start a room, get notifications, PTR, “clap,” and more!

Once I am on, where can I learn more?
  • Wednesdays 9 PM ET are new user orientations
  • Sundays  12 PM ET are Clubhouse Town Halls
  • Knowledge Center and Blogs on the website
  • In any club or any room in a multitude of languages
Do you use your real name when you create a profile?

Yes, unless you are a publicly known artist and have a Creator Alias. 

What’s a handle?

A username, like @LynneWilliams

What’s a green bean?

That is the green eight-spoke asterisk  ✳️  denoting a moderator for the room.  

How can people search on Clubhouse?

There is a magnifying glass at the top left, and you can search for people and clubs using names, keywords, or even emojis!

Are there tips for setting up a profile?

Yes, they are highlighted in the January 23, 2021 article, but read them all to learn more and have fun changing your background on your photo for Clubhouse or any social media platform.  

Is there monetization on Clubhouse?

In April 2021, Clubhouse rolled out a monetization feature for creators, which is optional. People can receive tips when they “drop gems” (of knowledge) if they have set themselves up with a Stripe account. 

Why should you join Clubhouse?

If you provide products online or can offer your services remotely, you might get new clients. If you are an artist that shares your craft auditorily, like music or beatboxing, or poetry, you have a chance to showcase your skills. If you want to learn, debate, ask questions, engage in storytelling, or have spur-of-the-moment conversations, then dive in to build your business, authority, connections, or knowledge.

What club am I part of?

Although I am a member of several clubs, which you can see at the bottom of my Clubhouse profile, I run my Job Seeker Power Hour Club on Fridays at 11 AM ET on the Thought Leadership Branding Club (website built by Bucks County, PA web developer Pig Art Graphics). Please feel free to use Lynne Williams as the referral if you want to run your own club in the #TLBClub. 

Hope to “hear” you on Clubhouse in my room on Fridays at 11 AM ET! At the bottom of my Clubhouse BIO, you will find the next room I will be speaking in or click the bell next to my name, so you are notified when I am speaking. 


Lynne Williams is the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, that provides online career education and networking, running up to 50 events per month for anyone, anywhere.

We would be chuffed if you would explore the benefits of membership! The value you will receive for your professional development is just amazeballs! 🏆

Lynne also writes for,, and You can see other topics she writes about on this Google Doc.