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How to Change the Background on Your Photo

How to change the background on your photo

Want to know how to change the background of your photo? It might not be the right color or vibe, but it can easily be changed for Clubhouse, LinkedIn, or any other purpose.  

Maybe there is a plant or open doorway or some other element that distracts. You can fix it!

You can use a few tools to change the background of a photo, even if you do not own Adobe Photoshop. Adobe does promote a free online background remover, though I have not tried it.

I used to change my background from gray to turquoise. 

You can also remove a background from an image in  

Also, you can try or or PhotoScissors, and many more. Just Google that! 

Change the background to be your favorite color, brand color, or color that matches what you are wearing, or for any other reason. 

If you are on Clubhouse, a pop of color truly helps differentiate you. 

So what are you waiting for? Have fun and add a burst of color!


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