Great Careers Groups Career Share your MLK Day activities if you need a post idea for LinkedIn!

Share your MLK Day activities if you need a post idea for LinkedIn!

Need a post idea for LinkedIn Share your MLK Day activities!

MLK Day is on Jan 16, 2023. Need a post idea for LinkedIn, Share your MLK Day activities and impact on this day of service. What did you do to make a difference in your community or the world?

If you don’t yet know where to volunteer, explore the Global Citizen 365 website. You can register your organization or volunteer individually in person or virtually. 

Be part of the largest Martin Luther King Day event in the nation as part of the 28th annual Greater Philadelphia Day of Service and the 60th anniversary of the March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom.

What’s the theme for 2022? STOP GUN VIOLENCE. (‘nuff said!)

If you are a history buff, I wrote a summary of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in my 2020 article on Dr. Martin Luther King’s LinkedIn Profile (if he had one) and what it might include.

If you want to know where the picture was taken, it was at Girard College, where I picked up my T-shirt for MLK Day! Girard College is where MLK spoke in 1965.

What am I doing for service on MLK Day or the next day? I am either presenting or moderating events for job seekers on Zoom, and all the information to register is on the Great Careers Groups website events page. (but there are more events listed below)


  • Monday, Jan 16th, 6-8 PM – Am I Managing My Career Successfully? What’s the Plan? with Marty Latman, hosted by, the Upper Merion Library, and GlobalCitizen365


  • Tuesday, Jan 17th, 8:55-10 AM – Get Hired: Career Brand Phrases That Stick with Marti Konstant, hosted by Great Careers Groups


  • Tuesday, Jan 17th, 11:30 AM-1 PM – How to Craft a Resume That Gets Attention with Diana Alt, hosted by Great Careers Groups and Diana will donate up to $500 for up to 100 attendees to our 501(c)3 nonprofit, so we hope to have 100 attendees!

Many people fear posting on LinkedIn, as I described in my recent article Are you scared to post on LinkedIn? Does it feel overwhelming?

Just be your authentic self and share what you did that was good on MLK Day! Tag the nonprofit or organization that you helped. You can tag a person or organization with the @ symbol in front of their name, and if they have a company page on LinkedIn, the tag will be bold.

Include up to nine photographs or create a carousel and add text, emojis, hashtags, etc., as noted in the article above. 

Comment on other people’s posts on MLK Day by searching for hashtags like #MLKDay #MLKDay2023 #MLKDayofService #MLKDayofService2023 #martinlutherkingdayofservice #martinlutherking #martinlutherkingjr #martinlutherkingjrday #martinlutherkingday 

So why volunteer?

“People who volunteer tend to experience fewer aches and pains.” In addition, “People 55 and older who volunteer for two or more organizations are significantly less likely to die early, and that’s after sifting out every other contributing factor, including physical health, exercise, gender, habits like smoking, marital status and many more. This is a stronger effect than exercising four times a week.”  These quotes were passed on to me by a TEDx Wilmington speaker who read them on the Random Acts of Kindness website. They come from a book called Raising Happiness: In Pursuit of Joyful Kids and Happier Parents by Christine Carter. 



  • Register on the events page for upcoming online events.
  • If you need a resume or LinkedIn profile to get you to your next step, book a call to chat!


Lynne M. Williams is the Executive Director of the Great Careers Groups, a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides career education and networking connections for 1) job seekers in career transition, including veterans, and 2) employed and self-employed for career management. She is also the President of and is on the leadership team of the Thought Leadership Branding Club.

Aside from writing keyword-focused content for ATS resumes and LinkedIn profiles, Lynne is currently writing her doctoral dissertation on LinkedIn for Job Seekers. She is a contributing author on “Applying to Positions” in Find Your Fit: A Practical Guide to Landing the Job You Love, along with the late Dick Bolles, the author of What Color is Your Parachute?, and is also a speaker on career topics.

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