LinkedIn Updates – Keeping Up with Changes

LinkedIn Updates; Keeping Up with Changes

Did you know that there is a LinkedIn hashtag for #Juneteenth which is the portmanteau of 19th and June? You can learn what others are saying by following this hashtag or by using it yourself on your posts about this momentous day in 1865 when slavery ended in Galveston, Texas. 

What else is new on LinkedIn? The menu bar is now black instead of dark gray. Speculation is that it changed for Black Lives Matter, but there does not seem to be an announcement about this, though LinkedIn did make a BLM statement. The change of the menu bar just magically appeared as black this past week.

Headlines used to be limited to 120 characters on the desktop, but you might have been in the recent rollout and now can expand it. LinkedIn has not yet updated their knowledge base article on this change to announce the official number of characters, but others have posted that you may have up to 220 characters.

Posts now have six options: 

1) celebrate a teammate (welcome a new teammate or give kudos to someone)

2) find an expert (in accounting, coaching & mentoring, design, marketing, and other)

3) share a profile with your network or search for a friend or former coworker, or connection)

4) add a job (create a new post or add a link)

5) create a poll (as long as it’s not political, or medical information or other sensitive data)

6) offer help (general, referrals, career coaching, resume reviews, introductions, volunteer work, or other)


Some other LinkedIn changes are below:

  • People Also Viewed has increased from 10 to 20
  • Hashtag displays are being reconfigured
  • COVID-19 themed banners are coming
  • Away messages for premium users are coming
  • Broadcast link field for online events is coming
  • A new search user interface is coming
  • Image cropping is coming

Need some visuals of the above? Here’s a great post from Andy Foote in Chicago. Andy also includes the reminder that LinkedIn will shorten the URLs in your posts if they are more than 26 characters. When you see the bitly links used by me on behalf of the nonprofit, those are shortened URLs also.



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