How to Make a Word Cloud for LinkedIn

How to Make a Word Cloud on LinkedIn

You can make a word cloud for your LinkedIn banner or for an article.The more frequently that words are listed, the bigger or bolder they will appear. A word cloud is a visual design of text data and you can read here for more details and here for pros and cons. 

Although there are a lot of word cloud generators that exist, here are some you might like to try. 

Google Word Cloud Generator


Word Cloud Generator 

If you want step-by-step instructions on how to make a word cloud using Wordart, here they are!

  1. Go to & set up your account
  2. Click on Create Now
  3. Click on Create
  4. Choose 3 of your main keywords and 3 other keywords and type them over the existing words Word, Cloud, and Art and then click +Add to add the extra words
  5. Change the size of the 1st 3 words to be far bigger than than the last 3 
  6. Click on Shapes & choose Geometric
  7. Click on the bottom right hand corner of the square and click on the gear and then move the aspect ratio to the right to about a 3.06 to create a rectangle and click OK
  8. Click on Fonts and choose one
  9. Click on Layout and choose one
  10. Click on Style
  11. Click on the the word Custom and the 1st bar and move the white button on the bar in the middle and the black dot on the top to get to the colors you want and click on Add to Palette after each choice
  12. To delete the colors you don’t want, just click on them and they will disappear
  13. Click Close
  14. Click Visualize until you get to the image you like 
  15. In the white bar at the top, name your selection as Banner 1 and click save
  16. Change the name to Banner 2 and click visualize again until you want to save and it will prompt you and choose Save as New
  17. Click Download Standard PNG or Standard JPG for your free version and then move the file from the bottom left hand corner of your window to your desktop or computer
  18. Create a meta tag with your keywords before you upload the image to LinkedIn 

Have fun making word clouds for your LinkedIn banner, articles, or wherever you have a need!

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