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Harness the Power of LinkedIn to Land the Internship of Your Dreams

Harness the Power of LinkedIn to Land the Internship of Your Dreams

You are a high school or college student. You may or may not have a LinkedIn profile, but you know you are or will be seeking an internship. Now what? 

My dad was in sales and told me that nothing gets sold sitting in an office. So what does that mean for you for an internship? Nothing happens sitting in a dorm room.

Networking is the key to your career success, starting with looking for an internship to your first job and throughout your working life. Networking! Think of networking like Nike. JUST DO IT! Start making connections now on LinkedIn if you are over 16 years old. 

So here are the 5 Ws and H of Networking for Internships and Your Career:


You! You need a LinkedIn profile along with the other 900 million people in the world. That’s how you can connect professionally with people as part of the largest business network worldwide!


When you were little, you were told not to talk to strangers. As you seek an internship, job(s), or client(s) throughout your career, you need to talk to strangers and start building connections and relationships on and off LinkedIn. 


Internships are available on-site, hybrid, and remote, and I have many resources to share.


Start connecting with people and exploring internships early, as sometimes it is harder to find an internship than you may think.


You must make networking a habit to find that internship and/or job! Don’t think you should spend a lot of time applying online to get a job. Spend a lot of time networking to connect with others to build Know, Like, and Trust. Alums of your school can be powerful connections!


How do you learn more about LinkedIn, and where do you get the internship resources? You visit the bottom of the Great Careers events page and sign up to learn and network, especially on Tuesday, February 7th, from 4-5 PM ET for a free event pm How to Harness the Power of LinkedIn to Land the Internship of Your Dreams. I have partnered with Monarch Staffing, the host of this event.

Ready to win some prizes just for attending?

Ready to drink from a fire hose for some LinkedIn tips and strategies on personal branding, being memorable, keywords, and more that you would not know without being taught in a workshop?  

This workshop is not a lecture only. There will be live demos and actionable items that you can implement on your profile. 

What are you waiting for? Register for this jawn! (if you are not from Philly, you will have to look that one up in the Urban Dictionary!)

Can’t make it? Register for other upcoming LinkedIn workshops, or reach out and connect with me on LinkedIn and ask for the resources!