Are you tagging on LinkedIn?

Are you tagging on LinkedIn?

By using the @ symbol in front of a person’s, company’s, or organization’s name on LinkedIn, the name is hyperlinked in blue and it brings the post to their attention. 

There are times when the tagging may not work.

LinkedIn has been known to have some glitches here and there. Therefore, you might need to try a couple times to see if the name comes up. Don’t give up if it doesn’t work the first time as LinkedIn is sometimes finicky.

Sometimes people do not want to be tagged, so they untag themselves or they may work for a financial institution which prohibits them from being tagged. Certain financial services firms mandate according to regulatory compliance with FINRA and social media. A financial firm may have a mechanism that automatically untags their staff.

If you are tagged in a post, you can like the post, comment on the post, or share the post. 

If you reply to a comment below a post where you are tagged using the reply box, it will be nested and indented under that comment and may be less visible (once buried) than if you commented directly under the original post.  

Here you will find LinkedIn’s instructions on mentioning people in posts, which will allow anyone to navigate to that hyperlinked profile. Note that if you publish an article, mentioning is not available, so you would have to hyperlink their LinkedIn URL using the figure 8 hyperlink symbol.

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