Great Careers Groups Career Management,Career Transition Scrum Master Discovers Group on Meetup and Still Volunteers for Nonprofit After Landing

Scrum Master Discovers Group on Meetup and Still Volunteers for Nonprofit After Landing

Success Story Michael Dieterle

Tell us about yourself and your career.
My name is Michael Dieterle and I’ve been leading software implementations and knowledge management programs for the last 20 years. In recent years, my focus shifted more towards agile transformation and how it can make software development projects more successful by delivering more value to the business.

Why were you looking for a job?
My contract ended in the Fall of 2019.

How did you discover PAGCG?
I believe I initially discovered my first meeting on Meetup.

How did PAGCG help you in your job search?
The Philadelphia Area Great Careers Groups(PAGCG) was a tremendous help. Both from a tactics perspective and also through the supportive dynamics of the group. Everyone is extremely helpful. You quickly expand your network and your knowledge of how to be more successful in the job market. I am deeply grateful to Lynne Williams, the powerhouse behind this remarkable group, and many other region volunteers. In fact, I am a volunteer and recommend that others pay it forward by volunteering.

How did you find your job? How long did it take?
A recruiter contacted me through LinkedIn. I was searching for six months.

What kept you motivated during the job search, especially during the downtimes?
What kept me motivated was the group’s ongoing support and my belief that it was only a transition to something better.

What were the lessons that you learned during your job search?
Master the ground game (resume, applications, LinkedIn profile, etc.) and increase your success by networking diligently.

Do you have any networking tips or tricks that you can share?
People who stood out during many networking events where the ones who selflessly put my interest first. I tried to pay it forward in the same manner when I had a firmer grasp on the current mechanics of job search.

What will you do in your new role?
I am currently leading a couple of agile teams at ASTM International as part of a more extensive transformation program.

What is one takeaway or nugget of wisdom that you would like to share?
Stay true to yourself in the process and determine what matters most to you. It will give you the clarity to apply to the right organization where you’re more likely to succeed.