Pronouns New LinkedIn Feature

Pronouns are a New LinkedIn Feature

You can now add your pronouns as a new feature on your LinkedIn profile. Do you know what pronouns mean and what your choices are?

There are three standard choices that LinkedIn offers, plus the choice of custom pronouns. You can add she/her, he/him, they/them, or you can customize as I did. I chose she/her/hers.

As you can see in the feature image on the left, the words are much larger than on the right. That is because, about a year ago, I added them manually to my profile. 

Now, LinkedIn offers pronouns as a standard feature on a profile, but they are smaller and less pronounced.

I did not understand why or how people used pronouns before the pandemic and then decided to educate myself as a straight cisgender ally. 

Everyone can choose how they want to identify themselves – female, male, both, or neither as their gender expression.

I wrote an article almost a year ago, titled LinkedIn Pride – What Are Your Pronouns?, and this article notes the 58 gender options listed on Facebook. 

Read this article to also learn how June became LGBT Pride month. You will now know why you started to see the Pride overlays on company logos after Memorial Day. 

Happy Pride month! 


Lynne Williams is the Executive Director of the Philadelphia Area Great Careers Group, a 501(c)3 nonprofit, that provides career education and networking. Lynne also writes for,, and