Great Careers Groups Career Management,Career Transition,Entrepreneur,Self-employed Have you examined your spots and stripes on LinkedIn?

Have you examined your spots and stripes on LinkedIn?

Have you examined your spots and stripes on LinkedIn?

What is your cattitude on LinkedIn?

With a little imagination, like a big cat, you can find spots and stripes on LinkedIn, though we’ll substitute “lines” for stripes. Your cattitude can be like spots on a leopard and stripes on a tiger. LinkedIn truly has spots and stripes so read below to learn more.


Have you ever noticed that you see a solid green spot (or circle) next to someone’s name on some LinkedIn profiles but not others? If you do see a solid green spot, that means the person is currently active on the platform and is reachable via messaging … unless they have disabled it or are not active.

A hollowed-out green spot (or circle) indicates that the person is not currently active on LinkedIn, but they will be notified when you send them a message because of the push notifications on mobile.

I have chosen to disable my green spot, so no one knows when I am on LinkedIn. Read here for more info.


Let’s consider stripes to be lines, specifically  lines that are created from a bar chart. By creating a poll on LinkedIn, you gather people’s opinions, and the results are visuals on a bar chart. Although this poll is closed, you can still comment on the post if you so choose.

So, how do you create a poll? Here are step-by-step instructions as well as a link to LinkedIn’s instructions:

  • Start a post from your home page
  • Click on Create a poll
  • Type your question limited to 140 characters and provide the options with a minimum of two and a maximum of four choices that are limited to 30 characters
  • Click +Add option
  • Select the duration of the poll for 1 or 3 days or 1 or 2 weeks
  • Click Done
  • Click the Edit pen if you need to edit
  • As an option, you can add more to the post in the What do you want to talk about? field
  • Click Post 



Lynne M. Williams is the Executive Director of the Great Careers Groups, a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides career development and networking connections for 1) job seekers in career transition, including veterans, and 2) employed and self-employed for career management.

Aside from writing keyword-focused content for ATS resumes and LinkedIn™ profiles, Lynne is writing her doctoral dissertation on LinkedIn™ for Job Seekers. She is a contributing author on “Applying to Positions” in Find Your Fit: A Practical Guide to Landing the Job You Love, along with the late Dick Bolles, the author of What Color is Your Parachute?, and is also a speaker on career topics.