Happy Fri-YAY with 7 LinkedIn Tips

Happy Fri-YAY with 7 LinkedIn tips

Although the LinkedIn algorithm will probably remain a mystery to us outsiders, some LinkedIn experts have been doing some research and testing lately and here is a recap of some useful tips from their recent posts. 

  1. Use only 3 hashtags in a post
  2. Try a text only post of 1300 characters or less that does not have any tagging or hashtags and see how that performs for views and comments.
  3. Note that if you have a link to post and it is over 26 characters that LinkedIn will shorten it to a lnkd.in URL. 
  4. When you want to post something with an external link from a website, blog, app, document, or file, do not put the link in right away. Instead, try these two different ways:
    1. Write and publish the post without a link. Then go back in and edit the post and include the link and then save.
    2. Write and publish the post without a link and include a line that says “See link in comments below.” Afterwards, post the link as the first comment. 
  5. Rather than post a video from Youtube or another outside source, post a “native” video that you have created. Any post which takes you away from the LinkedIn platform will, in essence, be penalized.
  6. If you are a jobseeker, make sure you have a current position listed (20xx – present) and not one with an end date. This might be a great reason to volunteer for an organization of your interest as you will both benefit. List your volunteer role as your current job.
  7. If you missed any of my LinkedIn articles from past issues of Vista-today and want more tips, type in Lynne Williams in the search bar.

Originally published in vista.today