Great Careers Groups Career LinkedIn’s Latest Foray into the Gaming Sphere

LinkedIn’s Latest Foray into the Gaming Sphere

LinkedIn’s Latest Foray into the Gaming Sphere

In an innovative and surprising move, LinkedIn has unveiled the rollout of gaming functionalities on its platform – Pinpoint, Crossclimb, and Queens. This announcement signals a notable evolution in LinkedIn’s strategy, aiming to blend recreation and prolong user engagement on the platform. 

Here’s the lowdown on LinkedIn’s latest foray into the gaming sphere.

The Reasoning Behind the Initiative

LinkedIn’s decision to integrate gaming transcends mere entertainment; it’s a strategic maneuver to bolster user engagement and interaction within the platform. 

By incorporating games, LinkedIn seeks to cultivate a distinct form of user interaction, fostering professional connections, community spirit, and shared interests. 

These games are designed for amusement, education, networking, and personal growth.

Features of LinkedIn Gaming

LinkedIn’s gaming experience resembles Wordle’s structure, offering a daily play format. 

Players can invite their first-level connections to participate in games together. 

Additionally, users have the option to share their scores if they choose.

User Advantages

LinkedIn games offer some advantages to users:

  • Skill Enhancement: Games tailored to sharpen cognitive abilities offer a more captivating avenue for casual entertainment.


  • Enriched Networking: Users can engage with their first-level connections in a less formal setting by partaking in games.

Potential Hurdles

While the initiative is groundbreaking, it presents potential challenges. Striking a balance between professionalism and the casual nature of games may prove tricky for some users. 

For employees, it’s advisable to indulge in gaming activities during personal time rather than company hours. If you are connected to your supervisor and they are playing the same game, they will see your name and the names of their other connections who played that day.

However, LinkedIn assures users that they control who sees their gaming activity.

Rollout of Available Games on Mobile and Desktop

Users can access these games via LinkedIn News and the My Network section on both desktop and mobile platforms. More detailed descriptions of the games, along with FAQs, are available on LinkedIn,

Currently, the games are free to play.

  • Pinpoint – word association
  • Crossclimb – timed trivia
  • Queens – logic game reminiscent of Sudoku, sans numbers

According to a post by Kevin Turner, Blueprints and Inferences games may also be on the horizon, although I am currently unable to access details or images.

In Summary

LinkedIn’s introduction of gaming features represents a bold endeavor to redefine professional networking. If successful, it could usher in a new era in the operation of professional networks, rendering them more dynamic and interactive. 

As the platform begins rolling out this feature, attention will be focused on the response from the professional community and its potential impact on the future of networking. 

Whether this innovation will be a game-changer or a fad remains to be seen, but it undeniably injects an exciting dimension into the professional landscape.



Lynne M. Williams is the Executive Director of the Great Careers Groups, a volunteer-run 501(c)3 nonprofit organization that provides career development and networking connections for 1) job seekers in career transition, including veterans, and 2) employed and self-employed for career management.

Aside from writing keyword-focused content for ATS resumes and LinkedIn™ profiles, Lynne is writing her doctoral dissertation on LinkedIn™ for Job Seekers. She is a contributing author on “Applying to Positions” in Find Your Fit: A Practical Guide to Landing the Job You Love, along with the late Dick Bolles, the author of What Color is Your Parachute?, and is also a speaker on career topics.