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Words used to describe the

Job Search and Career Development experience:

“A process,” “A marathon,” “A journey,” “A challenge,” “A rollercoaster.”

You know what helps?  Having a buddy.

That’s why we have all these meetings.  They’re opportunities to connect with people like you and learn new and valuable information to help you get back in the driver’s seat.  Whether that means landing a job, getting a promotion, or launching your own business.

The “Career Success Meetings” are free.  That’s where you get to practice your elevator pitch and meet other people who can hold you accountable for meeting your goals.  The other meetings, which feature Guest Speakers are $5 per event, or free with annual membership.  Membership starts at around $4 per month, (billed annually) and tops out at a whopping $5 per month (billed annually) for Senior Execs/C-Suite folks, who also get to attend “BENG” Meetings (which stands for Business Executives Networking Group).

Whatever your title is, MEMBERSHIP is clearly the way to go.

Here’s what to do:

Attend a Free “Career Success Meeting” or “Interview Preparation Meeting”
Become a Member
Get on board by registering for a meeting